Apply for 720 Market Here

NEW FOR 2018: A specially designed space for start up vendors, vendors with smaller inventories or those who feel they want to test out the market experience as a collective. We are providing a limited opportunity for up to 6 vendors at each market to share tent space with other vendors. Items must be handmade or produced, set up and presented on provided 720 tables/tents. 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST! 720 is a very well-attended and vibrant marketplace specializing in connected local buyers to local sellers in a fun and engaging environment. We are always looking for unique and excellent vendors to showcase on market day.

THREE MARKET DATES ARE SCHEDULED FOR 2018. Please apply for any/all dates interested in. Applying for all dates does not guarantee placement in all three. The 720 Market is dedicated to providing our guests (and vendors!) a balanced market experience and we make every effort to keep similar vendors to a minimum. Please note that space at all of our markets is limited; unfortunately we cannot accept everyone that applies. We will contact you by email if your application is approved.

WE MUST VIEW SAMPLES OF YOUR WORK. This may be done by uploading photos (below), emailing photos to or by providing your website / facebook / instagram account. Please make sure images are most representative of your product. We are looking for unique items for best market experience. *No need to submit photos if you were a previous 720 vendor unless your product has changed.

IMPORTANT: The 720 Maket is a makers/growers only market. All items must be made by hand, made locally or have some local connection (please explain). No direct sales companies. If you don’t qualify as maker/grower and would still love to participate in 720, please contact us for sponsorship opportunities.


new opportunity for 2018 / shared maker space / 6 spots per market
provide links to Facebook or Instagram pages if applicable
check all that apply
choose all that apply
tent & table provided / must supply own display & chair / by request and approval only / limited availability / you will be notified if accepted



Vendor must obtain, at its own expense, any licenses or permits and insurances which are required for the operation of its trade or business. Vendor accepts all risks associated with the use of the vendor space and weather. Vendor agrees to collect and pay all required taxes and sales taxes. Our market accepts certain items which are grown and/or made by the vendor such as baked goods, preserves, cheese, honey etc. All processed foods must be appropriately labeled with product name, ingredients, net weight, price, vendors name and address. Contact organizers if you need assistance with any of these items. VENDORS PROVIDE OWN TENTS (REQUIRED) & TABLES. 720 MARKET IS HELD RAIN OR SHINE, NO REFUNDS. IF ACCEPTED TO 720, you will be notified by email. A signed Vendor Agreement and payment will be due at that time.