Hot Times at 720

July 23, 2016 / Hoover District / North Canton

Real feel temps were 99 degrees and our beloved 720 community braved the heat to support the work of local makers, growers and artists.  Vendors, volunteers and musicians prepared for the day with coolers, fans, water, ice AND their usual positive energies.

“Outside temperatures on July 23 were scorching hot from early morning to the late evening. So was the action at the 720 Market in the parking lot of the Hoover District on E. Maple in North Canton. There were lines at the food trucks and lines to get into the (tents of) many vendors selling their wares.” Jackson Suburbanite, Patricia Faulhaber

The second 720 Market event doubled that of the first in size of market space, number of vendors and good vibrations. Cheers to another great day in North Canton!